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    Client:  PracticeVision - Branding & Website Design
    Art direction, branding identity, graphic design, and programming: Corrie Tse

    PracticeVision is a comprehensive suite of healthcare management tools designed by a well-respected Practice and Revenue Cycle
    Management company with over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare and IT industries. The objective of the project was to
    create a brand identity that communicates technological strength as well as confidence.

    The logo icon is a three-dimensional cube that is also perceived as a shield in two-dimensions. I took inspiration from the meaning
    of a "shield" which often makes references to "protection" and is a theme I believe compliments their product line and history.

    The web design's aim is to be simple, user friendly, and uniformly branded. One of my major objectives was to design custom
    navigation icons on the home page with the goal of introducing site visitors to PracticeVision's product suite as soon as they
    arrive at the home page.

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