Interactive Projects

    Keyhole (2004)

    A collaborative project with digital artist KRISTIN O'FRIEL. Keyhole is an interactive installation addressed the ever-present identity of
    surveillance cameras throughout our cities. Our goal was to point out the interesting and conflicting role of a person who is being watched
    and the one who is watching. In ordinary circumstance, one would assume surveillance cameras' constant monitoring is presumptuous;
    however, in this art piece you'll discover a twisted reality where the one watching is actually being taken to the "big screen." And the
    story becomes despondent when one realizes while looking into the keyhole, their faces get captured and projected onto the wall
    in which their faces are up against.

    This project is situated at the heart of downtown San Jose, CA where a vacant storefront is being covered with a "keyhole" figure.

    Technologies used: Adobe Flash, Projector, Rear Projection Fabric, Webcams, mini LCD, Max/MSP, PCs

    Made in Here (2005)

    This artwork concerns post-industrial identity. By replicating the assembly line of the industrial era, I aim to bring into question the identity
    of post-industrial production as it relates to postmodern society. This project invites you to participate in the project as workers in the
    production of a product. At the end, the work comments on the concealed hybrid nature of intercultural global and economic identities.

    DOWNLOAD PDF to learn more about this project.

    Technologies used: Adobe Flash, Max/MSP, Flash, PCs, LCD monitors.